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I am leaving tomorrow and therefor will not be excepting any new commissions. If there is something of mine, personally, you wish to buy you can try...but no kigurumi are ava (which SUCKS 'cause I found a much better store last night)

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Aug. 12th, 2007

New Items for sale... posted on garagesalejapan too...Not going to mention the old stuff, if no one wanted it on Friday they don't want it on Monday, but I do have a Tralala bag and a special edition Parakiss DVD box set I am hoping to sell. Oh, and the Aug 2007 EGG. More info behind the cut...

I'd rather haggle then throw these away....

(EDIT: added some Disney Fan mags and pics, a Tralala mirror, another Tralala bag...)
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All items not paid for by Wednesday, my time (Tuesday for you probably), will be torched. XD XD XD


Any commission with any hopes of being completed should be in today.


For all those who are waiting for kigurumi from me, no, I didn't forget you. If you were waiting for a pikachu, a cow, a pink hamster, or a hello kitty kigurumi from me your money is going to be refunded. Those styles are, seemingly, sold out for the summer at the si stores I know of. Styles ava. now are Stitch, "Girl Stitch" (Angel, Pink Stitch), Miss Bunny, Jack (from nightmare before Christmas), Sgt. Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Voltron, and pig. That would be it until further notice. I am sorry for the delay in notification but I was told they'd be back in stock Monday (I went to buy last Thursday, sold out. Went again on Monday, nothing. Went AGAIN yesterday and I THINK the guy said no more.)

Refunding money today. Sorry!

Sorry for the delays!

If it seems like I dropped off the face of the Earth for awhile there, sorta. Sorry! I have been sick. no worries! I am on four perscriptions now and feeling a lot better! Feh, I needed some rest anyway. Things are picking up again, some packages went out today, and I have emailed some people just to touch base. If I didn't email you, feel free to drop me a line or post a comment.


Q: Do you take paypal?
A: Yes! Mkktogo at earthlink dot net is my paypal and actual email address.

Q: You are out of kigurumi. Can you buy me one?
A: Sure. People who put down a deposit get first crack at the kigurumi when I pick some up. Just paypal me $30 (half the price) and say which one you are looking for with some alts. if you aren't picky.

Q: Do prices include shipping?
A: No. Not unless I say otherwise....

Q: How do I special order something?
A: Tell me what you want, give me some pics if that will help me, and an idea of where to get said item (store name? Harajuku? Animate?) If I find the item, I charge you then.

Q: How does pricing work?
A: Price of the item. Convert that into US Dollars using 117yen equals 1 US dollar. Add 14% for my commission (I am doing this so I can pay my bills). I ship. Then I bill you AGAIN the cost of shipping (the padded envelope or box plus the REAL cost of shipping, not an over-priced guess). If you want insurance or something, TELL ME IN ADVANCE!!!

Q: How do you ship?
A: Airmail unless you ask otherwise. Also, it is rainy season here and I live about a 25 min walk from the post office. I won't carry a bunch of packages in the rain. They, and I, don't wanna get wet so I will go the first not-raining day.

Q: What's my shipping status?
A: Well... I'll post names of people once I ship here : Read more...Collapse )


7/17/2007- Added a BUNCH of new Liz Lisa Clothes. Buy them. It's good for you.


since they are so popular, they get their own section! Click here to see what I have in stock and what I can buy....

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Gal (ganguro) Goods

Clothes, magazines, accessories, bags...whatever. Spend $100 and get a Liz Lisa "Tropical Splash" Grab-bag bag (which a LOT of girls are using as their purse). Ava in gold or Pink.

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